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"We are lending our time to this project because of the connection these quilts have to the past, and a hope that quilt makers in general will have wider access to this wonderful collection in the future. Every box we open contains some kind of surprise, whether it is a special fabric or an undiscovered signature or connection to some family in Rochester. For each quilt we view, we find more questions to ask and more research to be done.

While we have updated much of the documentation, we have only begun the genealogical research that needs to be done to understand the historical context of many of the quilts. This more detailed documentation will wait, while we work to provide better housing and carry out simple cleaning and refolding activities with these antique treasures, so future generations of quilters and researchers may also enjoy and learn from them. We find that we are learning as much as we are giving of our knowledge of fabrics and quilts in our work with this collection."

-- Beth Brandkamp,
RMSC Quilt Project Coordinator from the Genesee Valley Quilt Club