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The Genesee Valley Quilt Club's
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The Rochester Museum & Science Center's quilt collection had been in storage for many years, and the general knowledge of it had gradually slipped from the public's view. This changed when the Susan B. Anthony quilt was exhibited several years ago, and the Genesee Valley Quilt Club created a replica of it as a gift to the Susan B. Anthony House. The Club's interest in the Museum's quilt collection grew, and its members voted to support efforts to improve the storage conditions of a number of quilts through financial donations. The collaboration expanded into a program in which volunteers from the Quilt Club work with Museum staff to document and improve the storage conditions for this significant collection. The collaboration has evolved due in large part to the Club's desire to contribute to the "unknown" resource of historical quilts spanning two centuries -- a treasure in its own right -- and to explore the possible relationship of local genesis of the women's suffrage movement in the region.

The efforts to date of the combined GVQC Club members and the Museum staff have resulted in significant progress in improving the care and increasing the awareness of this tremendous resource that the community has entrusted to the RMSC.