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The RMSC Quilt Collection

The Rochester Museum & Science Center currently houses a remarkable collection of nearly 300 quilts, including complete quilts, quilt tops, and quilted household accessories. A small percentage of the quilts are non-local, but most are from Western New York and the Genesee Valley Region, rendering it one of the largest and most significant regional collections in the country.

All types and techniques are represented, the majority being handsewn piecework. The dates of manufacture of quilts in the collection range from before 1820 to the mid-twentieth century, with the largest percentage dating to between 1821 and 1900.

Quilt 58.235
58.235 - Full Blown Tulip-Rose Appliqué Quilt
RMSC Collection
Quilt 62.407.1
62.407.1 - Silk Courthouse Steps Quilt
RMSC Collection

As more is learned about these quilts through the documentation and research being done by the Museum and the Genesee Valley Quilt Club, we hope to gain a better understanding of the lives of the women who made them, and connect them to the events of their times.

This site provides information about the project, and illustrates many of the quilts in the collection. The Genesee Valley Quilt Club 2002 Show "Blending Art and Tradition" is also featured. You can use the links at the left of each page to access the various topics. We will continue to add images and data on quilts in the collection, so please come back again.

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The RMSC expresses its sincere gratitude to the many members of the Genesee Valley Quilt Club for their tireless efforts on behalf of the RMSC Quilt Collection. THANK YOU!