Miss Aomori, Japanese Doll, Comes To Rest At Last In City's Museum

Miss Aomori of Japan, after travelling hundreds of miles over the United States and being received everywhere with kindly acclaim, has come to make her home at Municipal Museum, Edgerton Park.

Miss Aomori is one of the 58 specially made Japanese dolls sent to this country in 1927 by the children of Japan, 2,610,000 of whom contributed to the fund for the undertaking. The gift was in return for 12,000 small dolls sent to Japanese children by the children of America.

The dolls were received with special exercises in the larger American cities and several were brought to Rochester by the Council of Women of the Federated Church last year, a reception being held at Convention Hall.

Miss Aomori, only one of the dolls to be presented to upstate New York was secured through the efforts of Arthur C. Parker, director of Municipal Museum.

Miss Aomori will be provided at the museum with a glass case home from which to smile in safety at her child visitors.

Miss Aomori will be placed on exhibition at the museum next week and it is probable there will be a special celebration of her acquisition on March 3 which, in Japan, is celebrated as the Festival of the Dolls when the American doll messengers are specially honored.

["Miss Aomori, Japanese Doll, Comes To Rest At Last In City's Museum," Times Union, January 25, Rochester, NY.

Reproduced by permission of The Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper.]

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