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Nagasaki Tamako's Life in Rochester

Miss Nagasaki, then thought to be Miss Aomori, arrived in Rochester in 1927 and was put on exhibit. Notices were posted in The Times-Union (Rochester Newspaper), and in Museum service (the Rochester Municipal Museum's own journal).

Miss Nagasaki has been part of several exhibits through the years of her stay in Rochester. She also was used in the School Service Program, and was seen by countless school children. More recently, as she has shown signs of age and wear, she has been stored for safekeeping and has become an important feature of "Behind-the-scenes" tours at the Rochester Museum & Science Center.

In 1993 a film crew from Japan came to Rochester to film "Miss Aomori" [sic] for a television program, and in 1998, she returned to Japan for an extensive exhibit on the friendship doll exchange hosted by Kokusai Bunka Kyokai in Tokyo.

Miss Nagasaki on Exhibit

Miss Nagasaki on Exhibit


Miss Nagasaki on Exhibit Miss Nagasaki on Exhibit

1950's (?)

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