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RMSC Collection Objects

In addition to Nagasaki Tamako herself, the collections of the Rochester Museum & Science Center contain many items related to the friendship doll exchanges. For many years, these objects were used to teach children about life in Japan. Now, they are preserved as part of the story of the friendship doll exchanges.

  • Related to the "blue-eyed" dolls are a drawing made by a 3rd Grade girl, a photograph of the welcoming ceremony at Asahi Primary School, a thank-you letter, and a book of compositions and drawings made by school children as a thank-you gift.

  • There are also numerous items originally belonging to Miss Aomori, including a koto (stringed musical instrument), 2 lanterns (illustrated at right), clothing, an 18-piece tea set, a calligraphy brush, a tea whisk, and a perfume packet. Unfortunately, since Miss Nagasaki was misidentified at the time she came to Rochester, none of her own accessories ever came to the collection, except for her purse and mirror case, shown at right.

  • In 1979, the Rochester Museum & Science Center was the recipient of another friendship doll, this time a boy. There is also a souvenir postcard set from the Year of the Child depicting children and a doll from the original 1927 exchange.

Two Lacquered lanterns
These originally belonged to Miss Aomori. Wood and cloth painted, 29 cm tall.

Purse and mirror case

Miss Nagasaki's Purse and Mirror Case
These are kept tucked into the collar of her kimono. Brocade, case 6 cm long.

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