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The RMSC offers a variety of publications for sale - please refer to the list below, or download the publications list. If you wish to order publications, print the order form, indicate how many copies you would like of which publications, and then mail it along with your payment and shipping instructions to:

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Rochester Museum & Science Center
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Publications List

Exhibition Guides and Catalogues

Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa, by David O'Conner. University of Pennsylvania. 1993. 178 pp. [$15]

Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, 1985. 127 pp. [$5.95]

Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum,1990. 132 pp. [$5.95]

Clay in the Hands of the Potter, by Daniel M. Barber and George Hamell. 1974. 56 pp. [$4]

Delights for the Senses: Dutch and Flemish Still-Life Paintings from Budapest, by Ildiko Ember, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. 1989. 176 pp. [$10]

An Englishman's Journey Along America's Eastern Waterways, The 1831 Illustrated Journal of Herbert Holtham's Travels, Edited by Seymour I. Schwartz. 2000. 169 pp plus drawings. [$14.95]

Eskimo Ivory Carvings in the Rochester Museum, by Christina Burr. 1972. 88 pp. [$4]

Face to Face: Encounters with Identity. 1983. 32 pp. [$4.95]

It was a Dark and Stormy Night, The story of the loss of the three-masted lakes schooner, St. Peter, in 1898 and her rediscovery seventy-three years later, by Richard J. Kilday III. 1975. 16 pp. [$4]

Out of Darkness - A History of Lighting, by David H. Perry. 1969. 22 pp. [$4]

The USS Rochester CA 124: A Floating City. A Story of the US Navy’s Last Heavy Cruiser, by Daniel M. Barber. 1999. 14 pp. [$4.95]

Vanishing Jewels: Central Asian Tribal Weaving, edited by H.J. Swinney. 1991. 128 pp. [$25]

Wall Stenciling in Western New York 1800-1840, by Janice T. Wass and Philip Parr. 1985. 63 pp. [$4.95]

Special Publications

Images “Afro-Rochester” 1910-1935, by Leatrice M. Kemp and Victoria Sandwick Schmitt. 1996. 114 pp. [$12.95]

Silversmiths of Rochester, by Joan Lynn Schild. Guide Bulletin No.8. 1944. 32 pp. [$4]

“William Tichenor: Early Dentist and Inventor”, Parts One and Two, by Eugene Umberger, Jr.. Rochester History LIX(3-4). 1997. 46 pp. [$4.95]

Waterfalls in Upstate New York, by Jerry H. Czech, Jerome V. DeGraff, Nichol J. Forsht, and Richard J. Kilday III. 1972. 28 pp. [$4]

Research Records

No. 4 Certain Recently Explored New York Mounds and Their Probable Relation to the Hopewell Culture, by William A. Ritchie. 1938. 42 pp. [$5]

No. 12 The Orringh Stone Tavern and Three Seneca Sites of the Late Historic Period, by Charles F. Hayes III. 1965. 82 pp. [$5]

No. 13 Proceedings of the 1979 Iroquois Pottery Conference, edited by Charles F. Hayes III. 1980. 208 pp. [$5]

No. 14 The Iroquois in the American Revolution: 1976 Conference Proceedings, edited by Charles F. Hayes III. 1981. 48 pp. [$5]

No. 17 The Origin and Development of the Seneca and Cayuga Tribes of New York State, by Mary Ann Palmer Niemczycki. 1984. 148 pp. [$5]

No. 18 Proceedings of the 1984 Trade Gun Conference, by Jan Piet Puype. 1985. Two Volumes. Vol. I, Dutch and Other Flintlocks from 17th Century Iroquois Sites. 120 pp. [$5] Vol. II, Selected Papers. 113 pp. [$5]

No. 19 The Adams and Culbertson Sites, by Charles F. Wray, Martha L. Sempowski, Lorraine P. Saunders, and Gian Carlo Cervone. Illustrated by Patricia L. Miller. 1987. 345 pp. [$10]

No. 20 Proceedings of the 1986 Shell Bead Conference, edited by Charles F. Hayes III, 1989. 207 pp. [$7.50]

No. 21 Tram and Cameron: Two Early Contact Era Seneca Sites, by Charles F. Wray, Martha L. Sempowski, Lorraine P. Saunders. Illustrated by Patricia L. Miller. 1991. 523 pp. [$15]

No. 23 Proceedings of the 1992 People to People Conference, Selected Papers, edited by Charles F. Hayes III et al. 1994. 158 pp. [$15]

No. 24 Dutch and Factory Hollow, The Advent of Dutch Trade Among the Seneca, by Martha L. Sempowski and Lorraine P. Saunders. 2003. Set of 3 books, 912 pp. [$50]

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20% Discount to individuals who order five or more titles in the Research Records Series.